We are in the business of creating works of art

Handcrafted & Fully Customisable Tables

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Featured Customisation

We Customise Specially For You. Each of our creations is a unique and exclusive piece of art. No two pieces are the same. Every piece is handcrafted by our Master Craftsman. To make each piece even more unique, we individually customise for each of our clients. We walk you through the process from choosing the perfect slab to the getting perfect finish you desire.

Custom Slabs
We individually hand-select each slab that comes through our workshop. We chose only the finest quality reclaimed slabs and have them kiln dried for several months. We will work with you to find the perfect size and shape for your dream piece.
Custom Finishes
We have a unique range of finishes for our tables that few craftsmen can replicate. From our Hi-Gloss Premium Crystal Glass finish to Premium Natural Oils, we'll make you a table with a finish that best suits you and your home.
Custom Legs
Chose from our Solid Cast Bronze selection - from hi-gloss bronze, rose-gold, silver, or rustic. Or for modern simplicity we have our Y-frame leg in chrome, brushed hairline or black powdercoat. And we are happy to discuss further personalisations.

Our Process

We take great pride in our craft. With techniques that only a handful of craftsmen in the world can replicate, we put our souls into creating works of art from beginning to finish.

First Step
Upon confirmation of size and shape of table, we will present several options for client approval. It will then go for levelling and sanding.
Second Step
We re-confirm with the client on any fills (where they might be needed); re-confirm finishes, and leg style
Third Step
We liaise with our customer throughout the finishing process so our customer can see full progress.
Fourth Step
We conduct a video walkthrough with client to ensure complete satisfaction with the final product.

“We are here to help build your own personal and exclusive, custom-made furniture. It is our commitment to give you your own personal masterpiece”

– Martin Halpin, founder and CEO of Mandara Furniture

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